Nail Treatments

At Drop Dead Gorgeous, we offer standard nail polish which can be removed at home and also gel polish (sometimes known as shellac) it is applied like a polish but cured with a LED lamp. Stays on for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling and soaks off in 15mins. Fantastic for holidays due to the durability.

We also offer Builder gel which is a slightly thicker form of gel and is applied in structured layers to help add strength to the nails so they last longer.



Gel polish fingers or toes £37.50
Gel polish with builder gel £40
Gel polish removal *£14
*Free with new set if applied at DDG
Gel removal & cuticle tidy £22
Add on French £3
Add on Chrome 50p per nail
Nail art from £3
Gems each 50P
Add on exfoliation treatment and moisturise +£14


 Gel polish, polkadots, manicure

Before Gel Application: Please avoid creams and getting the nails wet.

After Treatment: Apply cuticle oil regularly to keep skin and nails hydrated.



Express Manicure £30
File, cuticles, moisturise and polish or buff
Manicure £36
File, cuticles, exfoliate, mask, moisturise and polish or buff