Microblading and Digital Brows


A form of permanent tattooing. A sterile single-use hand tool is used to create small cuts into the skin implanting pigment to form hair like strokes.

Microblading, brow tattoo

Digital Brows

Much closer to traditional tattooing, a machine is used to carefully implant pigment into the skin, this can be done to mimic hair strokes or to create a makeup effect (Ombre brows) by adding lots of small dots to the brows to create shading. You can also create combination brows with hair strokes at the front of brows and shading though the tails for always perfectly neat brows.

Ombre Brows, tattoo

Top Image: Before
Middle Image: Immediately after first session
Bottom: Healed after top up appointment  


These procedures are classed as permanent make up, however, will fade over time. Most clients opt to have a colour boost appointment annually to refresh the strokes and colour.


Sam Jarvis has had over 10 years in the beauty industry and trained with Finishing Touches Group and KB Pro - Karen Betts, both leading training companies in the UK.


 "Since training in Microblading, I have absolutely loved creating natural fluffy brows, I will help you to decide on the design of your brows to best enhance your face shape and features, skin and hair colour to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing brows. I am a perfectionist and have a great eye for detail.

I have been trained in Advanced Cosmetic Procedures for over 6 years so have a very good knowledge of health and safety and infection control when it comes to the more advanced services. So you can rest assured that you are in very safe, clean hands." - Sam Jarvis



Inital Appointment and Top Up £350
Mini Brow Colour Boost (0 - 6 months) £150
Brow Colour Boost (Up to 18 months) £250
 Brows tattooed elsewhere may be charged at full price
depending on if they need correcting.


Do you shave my eyebrows off before microblading?

Absolutely not! We work around the hairs, there is no need to remove them, however, during mapping out the design of your brows, we may need to tidy away some stray hairs but this won't be done until you have agreed on the design.

Does it hurt?

Well...yes a bit. It's a form of tattooing, for most it's more of an annoyance than pain, and much less painful then a standard tattoo as Microblading is gentler and less invasive. Many clients are very surprised at how little discomfort they experience. Most of my clients have rated the feeling on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a tickle and 10 being the worst pain you could imagine. Almost all of my clients have said it's between a 2 and a 5. Some clients have even said they could fall asleep!

 Emla topical numbing cream can be purchased from your local pharmacy and applied up to an hour before treatment to help with the procedure. If you do this, you can apply the cream and cover your brows with cling film to speed up the process. Always follow manufacturer's guidelines and medical advice.


How long will they last?

This can vary on your skin type, lifestyle and pigment colour. I recommend a colour boost between 9-12 months to keep brows in tip top shape. However, if you choose not to do this, the pigment can stay in the skin between 1-3 years sometimes longer, but it will fade and hair strokes can blur.


What if I have had my brows done elsewhere? Can you colour boost them?

For brows that have been tattooed before, I have to see them in person or a very clear picture to be able to advise if I can work over them. If the shape is good, and the colour has faded correctly then it shouldn't be a problem. However, some brows will be too saturated in pigment to perform a good colour boost treatment, this is when removal may be necessary before further tattooing.