LiLash Counterfeits


Look for the hologram and black packaging.

When you are best in a class beauty product, people will try to replicate the magic. We want you to only buy authentic LiLash® and avoid fake LiLash®!

Don't be fooled!

At LiLash®, we take pride in our quality physician-formulated formula. To ensure that you are getting the results you expect from LiLash®, we've developed a solution to ensure you are receiving the authentic product. Our new foiled stamp allows anyone purchasing the product to confidently authenticate the piece on the spot.

Plain and simple, if it doesn't have a hologram or numbered security emblem with our LiLash® logo, don't trust it.



Look for the new Authentication Hologram or Numerical Hologram label located on every box of LiLash® & LiBrow®.

Always use a secure online payment system and do not purchase from websites with poor English, misspellings or website page errors. The MSRP of LiLash® brand products is $90 USD/£68 GBP. If the price seems too good to be true, it is.

This is a sample of packaging that is proven to be counterfeit. This packaging is over 4 years old. Do not purchase this packaging, online. An authorized stockist or retail distributor will not have this packaging any longer:


REAL WEBSITES THAT SELL FAKE LILASH®: – Some black packaging is current and safe, ensure you see the hologram. All blue and purple packaging is assumed counterfeit. LiLash have not distributed this product for many years. – All blue and purple packaging is assume counterfeit. LiLash have not distributed this product for many years. – NO authorized Resellers on or in any Walmart stores – No authorized distribution into Walmart Stores and have confirmed product sold on as counterfeit. – NO authorized Resellers on, nor would LiLash liquidate product through this channel. – NO authorized Resellers on – AliExpress is a known seller of fake products. We not recommend you purchasing any beauty product from AliExpress and all LiLash® is counterfeit, from this site.


Fake Websites LiLash have taken down.

These sites once sold counterfeit LiLash®, but the URL now redirects to the LiLash site.