Li-Ft Tattoo Removal

Li-ft Tattoo Removal

Li-FT® is an all natural, safe yet powerful and effective hypertonic saline lightening solution that contains no chemicals and no acids.

Li-FT® Saline Tattoo Lightening Solution is tattooed into the area of the unwanted permanent makeup, microblading or body tattoo procedure by using conventional tattoo methods. When Li-FT®  is soaked into the skin, the natural effect of Osmosis begins to take place. Li-FT® is a hypertonic solution, therefore it contains a higher amount of salt than the body contains…this enacts the process of Osmosis which starts to move the pigment upward to the outer surface of the skin…then removed by the skins natural healing process.

In addition to the natural power of salt and the Osmosis process, we strategically selected both lemon seed and orange seed extract for their powerful fading and exfoliation properties. With all this natural power, Li-FT® remains gentle to the skin and to ensure good healing and the integrity of the skin we added Aloe Barbadensis and Calendula Extract.

Li-FT® Saline Lightening Solution is a non-chemical, non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract saline tattoo lightening product that is so effective it can lighten a tattoo or permanent makeup procedure to the point it is no longer visible. 


£75 per session


Will I need a consultation?
Yes, it's important we see every potential client face to face prior to booking in a removal session to assess suitability.

How long does the treatment take?
Brow removal should take around 30 minutes treatment time. For larger body tattoos up to 5cm2 the treatment would take around 45-60 minutes.

Is the treatment suitable for me?
A thorough consultation should always take place prior to the treatment. The procedure is very similar to the initial tattooing treatment, so the skin will react in a very similar way. Darker skin type are more at risk of scarring and it may not be recommended on these clients. 

How many sessions will I need?
This will depend on if you are trying to lighten/fade an existing tattoo or completely remove, along with additional factors. Black carbon based pigments will lift the easiest, whilst titanium dioxide particles are much larger, they will require more sessions. You should expect anywhere from around 1-4 sessions.

What colours can be removed with this system?
Li-Ft is not colour selective unlike laser removal and will remove all colours in the same way.

How long until I can have the second session?
Any further treatments should be left for a minimum of 8 weeks to allow the skin to heal.

How soon will I see results?
As soon as the crust comes away, it will take the unwanted pigment with it and results will be visible. This is usually around 10-14 days. The skin will continue to heal over the following months.

Can I have this if I've had laser?
This may depend on the amount of laser sessions and condition of the skin, however, you must still wait a minimum of 8 weeks following a laser treatment if you choose to go ahead. Laser can cause chemical changes in the pigments and dermal scarring which may effect the results from a Li-Ft removal and further tattooing procedures. Many Li-Ft procedures have been successful on areas where a laser removal has not.

Does Li-Ft work in the same way as laser?
No, a laser uses wavelengths of light which disperse the pigment particles, pushing them deeper into the skin therefor allowing them to enter the bodies natural removal via the lymphatic system. Li-Ft works in the complete opposite way by drawing the pigment particles upwards and exiting through the skin.

Should I have laser or Li-Ft?
Li-Ft can be a more gentle approach and often with faster results and less discomfort than laser. For larger body tattoos, it's recommended a client opts for laser due to the large area needing coverage.

Does it hurt?
You should feel a similar sensation to that of your original PMU/Tattoo. You can apply a topical anaesthetic beforehand to make the procedure more comfortable.

What does it look like after?
Following your treatment the skin may look red and inflamed. Swelling can be common but should subside within a day of so. The area will begin to cab. This lasts around 10-14 days on average. Once the scab comes away, the skin may look pink for a few weeks-months following.

How does it work?
Saline removal works by Osmosis. The high concentration of salt draws the water underneath and surrounding the pigment up to the surface of the skin to be contained and removed by the scab. Saline is not depth specific, meaning it will target and start lifting pigment/ink no matter the depth that it resides.
Li-FT® Saline solution is delivered into the skin in the same way we implant pigment or ink to do a permanent makeup or body tattoo procedure.  We use our tattoo machines; dip our tattoo needle into the Li-FT® solution and then tattoo it into the area of the unwanted procedure or tattoo. The healing process is about 7 to 10 days. We must allow a minimum of 8 weeks healing before further sessions.  

Aftercare Advice



Li-Ft Emergency Removal

We can lighten and remove your botched brows immediately after you get them done! No more waiting until they are healed…get them removed now. 

The Emergency Li-FT® Removal technique is performed without any needles. No needles, nor any tattoo techniques or breaking into the skin in any way is used. This is a safe and gentle manner of lifting freshly implanted pigment from area.
Once the skin is wounded, we have a short period of time before the epidermal crust is fully formed. Until that epidermal crust is fully formed, the area may accept and absorb the Li-FT® solution. It is best if the procedure is no more than 48 hours old. You may have some success up to 72 hours old, but experience proves up to 48 hours will bring the best lightening and lifting results.

If you are a client who has had your eyebrows done in the last 48 hours, you feel they were done poorly and you would like to attempt to lift the pigment out, Li-FT® and the Emergency Removal technique may be able to help. 

Emergency Removal within 48 hours £75